What to look for:

  • Are the teeth clean or do they have hardened calculus (tartar) on them?
  • Are there any missing or broken teeth?
  • Is the gum tissue pink and firm?



The dental clean package for your pet includes:

  • Pre-Anesthetic Examination
  • Digital Dental Radiographs 
  • Pre-Anesthetic Blood Screening 
  • The Dental Cleaning Procedure
  • Before & After Photographs 
  • Oravet Tooth Sealant 

Early detection and treatment of dental diseases can enable us to extend your pet’s life and improve the quality of it as well.

Dental Care plans should be determinate by recommendations from your veterinarian, the willingness of your pet and your capabilities.

The reality is that most of us lead busy and don't have the time to brush our pet's teeth, but for their health, their teeth should look shine and white just like ours do. one of the first signs of dental diseases is bad breath. If your pet is willing, gently lift his/her lips to view the teeth and gums in order to check for signs of a healthy mouth.


​At the Grant Square Animal Hospital, we know that your pet’s dental health is extremely important to his or her quality of life. Healthy teeth and gums equals a happy pet - and it often means a longer life. Dr. Loudenslager, so firmly believes in the importance of good dental hygiene in your pet. 



Common Signs of Dental Problems:

  • Bad odor from mouth
  • Drooling
  • Chattering of teeth
  • Bleeding gums
  • Hesitation to eat
  • Failing to groom (Cats)
  • Eroded, broken or loose teeth

​​​      Dental






Professional Dental Cleaning

When a professional dental cleaning is recommended, the veterinarian first perform a physical exam. We recommend a blood test and dental x-rays. Anesthesia is processed by the liver and kidneys. Blood tests are useful because it gives the idea of ​​how the major organs are functioning, and also includes a complete blood count that provides valuable information about a possible infection, anemia, dehydration, etc. If you have severe dental disease, antibiotics may be prescribed before the procedure.
X-rays are used to access the roots of teeth and an integral part of the jaw.
The information which gives us the blood test and dental radiography helps the veterinarian to determine the level of treatment that needs to be done. This is also used to monitor a good or bad progress of any oral disease during the lifetime of your pet.

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