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Travel certificates flying with pets

Ready to Travel out of the country?

Have you ever thought about bringing your pet with you when traveling to another country, but not sure where to begin? Here at Grant Square Animal Hospital, we want to make the process as easy as possible for you and your pets.

When you are planning to take your pet overseas, it is important to remember that you must obtain a travel certificate for each of your furry friends. Only USDA-approved veterinarians can provide you with a travel certificate. At Grant Square Animal Hospital, Dr. Loudenslager & Anderson are a certified USDA-approved veterinarian. They are happy to provide you with the resources you need for any trip outside of the country. 

Planning a trip inside or outside of the USA? International travel with pets, while boarding facilities exist, like us, many owners choose to take their furry friends with them. If you are choosing domestic or international pe travel, there are a number of thing to consider before booking your trip. At Grant Square Animal Hospital, we are happy to provide you with the right resources to make your travel plans go as smootly as posible. Turn to us today to learn how to plan for your flight. flying with a dog flying with pets